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Canadian Universities   

Fanshawe College

Location & Facilities
List of Departments
Courses offered


Fanshawe College is a large college in London, Ontario, Canada. It also has campuses in  Simcoe, St. Thomas, Woodstock, Tillsonburg, and Strathroy. There are about 15 000 full- time students and 40 000 part-time students. Fanshawe College has over 112,000 alumni.


The London campus was founded in 1962 as the Ontario Vocational Centre (OVC). In 1967 it  became Fanshawe College, one of a province-wide system of colleges of applied arts andechnology. Area campuses were subsequently established in Woodstock, St. Thomas, and Simcoe.With over 40 years of experience preparing students for success, Fanshawe College has become one of Canada's top colleges.


To date we offer more than 100 certificate,   diploma, degree and post-graduate programs in a variety of disciplines such as applied arts, business, technology, or health and human services. In addition, Fanshawe is a leader in co-op (work-study) programs where you combine paid work terms with your academic studies.
























Location & Facilities

The London, Ontario, Canada campus covers 100 acres (0.4 km²) and has twenty buil- dings,including three residences for 1200 students. The London campus has been described as "one of the largest in Canada" and as a "city within a city"


Other Campus Locations:

  • Simcoe Campus
  • St. Thomas Campus
  • Woodstock Campus
  • Tillsonburg Campus
  • Strathroy camp


Deciding where to live during \ your study period at Fanshawe College can be a challenging task, especially if you have never been to London, Ontario. Fanshawe offers a number of accommodation options for you through the International Office and the assistance of our Accommodation Coordinator. Your options include Homestay, on-campus residence, or off-campus housing. Our campus rocks!


Virtually every service and amenity you can think of is conveniently located right on campus: athletic programs; student dormitories; more than a dozen places to eat; a bookstore, computer store, and clothing store; a state-of-the-art fitness centre; library; 24-hour computer labs; bank machines; hair salon; medical clinic and a brand new Student Centre with fun activities, events and outings held each week.




















List of Departments / Schools / Faculty / College

  • Business
  • Health Care
  • Human Services
  • Information Technology
  • Trades, Technology and Transportation
  • International Professional Studies in English language

























Courses Offered Level Name of the Program
1 Bachelors Applied Arts (Integrated Land Planning Technologies) 
2 Bachelors Applied Technology - Biotechnology  
3 Undergraduate Diploma Architectural Technology
4 Undergraduate Diploma Broadcasting - Radio   
5 Undergraduate Diploma Broadcasting - Television 
6 Undergraduate Diploma Business - Accounting    
7 Undergraduate Diploma Business - Human Resources 
8 Undergraduate Diploma Business - Information Systems 
9 Undergraduate Diploma Business - Insurance
10 Undergraduate Diploma Business - Marketing  
11 Undergraduate Diploma Business - Purchasing  
12 Undergraduate Diploma Business Foundations  
13 Undergraduate Diploma Child And Youth Worker
14 Undergraduate Diploma Civil Engineering Technology
15 Undergraduate Diploma Computer Analyst
16 Undergraduate Diploma Computer Systems Technician
17 Undergraduate Diploma Computer Systems Technology
18 Undergraduate Diploma Construction Carpentry Techniques
19 Undergraduate Diploma Construction Engineering Technician
20 Undergraduate Diploma Construction Management
21 Undergraduate Diploma Culinary Management
22 Undergraduate Diploma Chef Training
23 Undergraduate Diploma Developmental Services Worker 
24 Undergraduate Diploma Electrical Engineering Technician
25 Undergraduate Diploma Electrical Engineering Technology
26 Undergraduate Diploma Electrical Techniques
27 Undergraduate Diploma Automation And Robotics
28 Undergraduate Diploma Environmental Technology
29 Undergraduate Diploma Fashion Design
30 Undergraduate Diploma Fashion Merchandising
31 Undergraduate Diploma Financial Planning
32 Undergraduate Diploma Fine Arts
33 Undergraduate Diploma General Arts & Science
34 Undergraduate Diploma GIS And Urban Planning
35 Undergraduate Diploma Golf And Recreational Club Management
36 Undergraduate Diploma Graphic Design
37 Undergraduate Diploma Horticultural Technician
38 Undergraduate Diploma Food And Beverage Management
39 Undergraduate Diploma Hotel
40 Undergraduate Diploma Human Services Foundation
41 Undergraduate Diploma Interior Decorating
42 Undergraduate Diploma Interior Design
43 Undergraduate Diploma Journalism - Broadcast
44 Undergraduate Diploma Landscape Design
45 Undergraduate Diploma Manufacturing Engineering Technician 
46 Undergraduate Diploma Manufacturing Engineering Technology
47 Undergraduate Diploma Industrial Maintenance
48 Undergraduate Diploma Design
49 Undergraduate Diploma Tool And Die
50 Undergraduate Diploma Media Theory And Production
51 Undergraduate Diploma Motive Power Fundamentals
52 Undergraduate Diploma Motive Power Technician - Automotive
53 Undergraduate Diploma Multi Media Design And Production
54 Undergraduate Diploma Music Industry Arts
55 Undergraduate Diploma Office Administration - Executive
56 Undergraduate Diploma Office Administration - General
57 Undergraduate Diploma Recreation & Leisure Services 
58 Undergraduate Diploma Social Service Worker
59 Undergraduate Diploma Theatre Arts
60 Undergraduate Diploma Travel And Tourism
61 Undergraduate Diploma Welding Techniques
62 Postgraduate Diploma International Business Management
63 Postgraduate Diploma Marketing Management
64 Postgraduate Diploma Professional Financial Services
65 Postgraduate Diploma Corporate Communication And Public Relations
66 Postgraduate Diploma Concierge Services
67 Postgraduate Diploma Social Service Worker
68 Postgraduate Diploma Geographic Information Systems
69 Postgraduate Diploma Advanced Filmmaking
70 Postgraduate Diploma Advanced Multimedia
71 Postgraduate Diploma Advanced Photography
72 Postgraduate Diploma Broadcast Journalism - Television News
73 Postgraduate Diploma Broadcast Television - Digital Post Production
























Fanshawe College participates in national/international scholarship programs, including those offered by Datatel Scholars Foundation and Garfield Weston Foundation.


Applications are first reviewed by the Awards & Scholarships office and/or the Awards Selection Committee to determine which will be forwarded to the national/international competition. Recipients are selected by the respective scholarship foundation. You can now apply for the great bursaries Fanshawe has to offer online!


Students must demonstrate financial need in order to receive these bursaries (application required). Application system requests specific financial information related to resources and expenses. All financial need bursary programs have deadline dates for applying. Additional academic or program eligibility criteria may be in place. All donor funded s bursary assistance is administered by the Awards and Scholarships office. Named financial need bursaries may be designated to specific programs and/or students.






















There are 3 intkaes in Fanshawe College. Fall i.e September, Spring i.e January, and Summer i.e May.

September is the major intake where majority of the courses are open while May is the smallest intake will only very few programs available.