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About Us  //  Our Introduction

About : Pidison Consultants

About Us..... Pidison Consultants is a completely client-driven company and believes in providing Human - Men power services of the highest quality in India and abroad to large Multinational companies as well as to smaller professional businesses.

  • Established in 1995 by Professionals from India's leading Management and Engineering institutes, having long international exposure...
  • Pidison's keen understanding of multi-national issues and environments enables it to Search Executives and advise on human resource management issues with a global perspective.
  • We specialize in a wide spectrum of industries with internal experts in Information Technology, consumer industry, services, manufacturing, infrastructure, banking & insurance, pharmaceuticals, etc.

Pidison Consultants was established in 1995, with its office in Ahmedabad, India. Today, it has an international clientele and a national reach through various offices and associates. It has established itself as a reputed multi-faceted team of highly qualified and experienced consultants, from diverse professional fields and expertise, who understand the rapid changes taking place in the global business environment.

We offer total solutions for effective talent acquisition, management and growth. Whether you need to recruit for your organization. We provide extensive talent database, and innovative techniques that would be of invaluable help to you in:

  • Retain Executive Search
  • Executive Selection & Recruitment through advertising
  • IT, Software & Telecom: International Recruitment Division
  • Human Resource Management Systems
  • Employee Satisfaction
  • Organization Building Initiatives

We have an in-depth international exposure to various aspects of human resource development issues and therefore, thoroughly understand your needs and concerns to be able to assist better. We have a global perspective and understanding of business and would add value to your initiatives through a scientific approach.

To grow and prosper, organisations invest in human resource development continuously. In such organisations, not only the qualities of people, but systems and environment management also become key factors.

  • Pidison studies and offers HR services in tune with the global requirement but rooted in the native culture and business.
  • We work in a team, with our clients, to overcome challenges and boundaries of technologies, skills, industries and countries.
  • Pidison draws on both internal as well as external resources to help you develop effective solutions.

Our clients consist of multinational corporations and their joint ventures, large and diverse top Indian Business Houses, premier Fortune 1000 and Business India 500 companies, as well as, medium and small professional organisations. Pidison is amongst the leaders in recruiting executives for specialty practices.

  • Pidison is committed to providing consistently high quality management consulting and executive search services in time and in a cost-effective way to its clients.
  • Pidison is committed to assisting its clients in becoming more effective and successful through building superior management teams....
  • Building open our reputation for competence, effectiveness and integrity, we develop and nurture long-term close relationships with our clients. We have amongst the best client-retention rates in the industry.
  • We recognize the importance of long-term client relationship and their trust and confidence in us. They expect us to understand and respond to the urgency of their needs. Pidison has the knowledge, the resources and the expertise to provide professionals who will excel.

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Our Approach

At Pidison Consultants, our clients have expressed a need for more than the nuts and bolts of recruitment.

  • 1. They want trusted advice and assistance from placement consultants with key recruitment decisions.
  • 2. They want one delivery center (one placement consultant) for all of their men power recruitment needs.
  • 3. They want access to our "exceptional hidden candidates" - those who are currently employed but are looking for new challenges.
  • 4. They want to work with good skilled individuals who value long-term relationships.
  • 5. They want to work with qualified and experienced placement consultants with more than a decade of experience in the Indian marketplace.

We, as placement consultants and men power recruitment firm, are in a business of giving our clients what they want. Pidison Consultants is focused on building long-term relationships with its clients. By providing a full range of recruitment, placement and human resources services with training, our clients can trust us to meet even their most challenging needs.

Our Expertise :

Why do clients choose Pidison Consultants ?
Based on our experience of working in numerous industries and markets, the following outlines, some of the key reasons, why clients choose us as their placement consultant:


Many of our clients were tired of juggling two or three specialized boutique recruitment firms that may be experts in one area, but unable to help them in another.
Pidison Consultants full service concept and diverse levels of expertise allow our clients to meet all of their recruitment needs in one place.

Trusted Expertise

Our clients have expressed a need for more than the nuts and bolts of recruitment. They want trusted advice and assistance with key recruitment decisions that will provide them the added 'men power' edge and with it, peace of mind.

Long-Term Approach

At Pidison Consultants our clients appreciate that we put their long-term organizational best interests ahead of any one individual placement. We build relationships with our clients and will not compromise their corporate culture or values, simply to place an additional employee quickly into their organization.

Current Market Knowledge

Many of the organizations we talk to are frustrated with their inability to keep up to date with current salary ranges and key labor market information. Working with Pidison Consultants, they benefit from our daily experience in job markets and our understanding of current market conditions.